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OasiwasAgos Rondalla
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Agos Rondalla was established in 2009 as one of the organizations’ ongoing programs, led by Herna Cruz-Louie. The ensemble started as music accompaniment for the SEED Youth Program, and went on to perform with local community organizations and dance troupes.

We expanded our reach by providing Rondalla music workshops at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center in 2011. Soon after, we began mentoring collegiate Filipinx-interest organizations at USF and UC Davis for their annual Pilipino Culture Nights, and have continued to develop aspiring musicians in the art of Philippine folk music and dance. Today, Agos Rondalla also provides Rondalla workshops and cultural mentorship to organizations at SF State, SJSU, and Little Manila Rising in Stockton.


Herna Cruz-Louie

Collegiate Advisors & Music Instructors

Cyril Millendez

Matthew Espina Harris

Eric Dong
Ervin Lopez

Past & Present Musicians

Avery Balasbas
Mayo Buenafe-Ze
Jaime Barrairo Cuba
Abraham Estrada

Melissa Gonzales
Junn Geronimo

Mickey Hermoso

Major Julian

Basilio Mendoza Juachon

Randy Miranda

Nick Obando

Zarina Raha

Almar Reyes

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