American Center of Philippine Arts (ACPA) provides a unique educational and developmental platform for multidisciplinary Philippine arts through innovative, hands-on classes, collaborations, networking opportunities, and showcasing events.

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To Our Kapamilya:


The American Center of Philippine Arts (ACPA) stands in solidarity with our Black friends, families, and neighbors. We are angry, heartbroken, and frustrated by the unjust deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery and the many more who have been wrongfully killed by police brutality. We cannot stay silent while Black adults and children face continued systemic racial oppression. ACPA is ready to advocate for critical social change because BLACK LIVES MATTER. 


As a volunteer-led organization, we have and will continue to commit to the inclusion of all families. Our work is a stepping stone to teach our youth about love, pride, and respect of their ethnic identities. 


Filipinx Americans would not be here today without the leadership of Black activists and leaders who fought for equality for all. Filipinx Americans are protected from discrimination, afforded the right to vote, and gained expanded immigration opportunities because of the Civil Rights movement pioneered by African Americans. Ethnic studies was added into school curricula because of the leadership of Black educators and students. And now we must support the Black community in this fight for racial equity.


Sign petitions. Donate to Black owned organizations and causes that directly benefit the Black community. [Re-]Educate your friends, families, and neighbors. Be an advocate for change. 


With love and support,

Staff and Teachers of the American Center of Philippine Arts 

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